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Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh on Joyce RileyDr. Issam Nemeh
Are There Atheists, Muslims and Jews in Heaven? This provocative question was posed by Joyce Riley, a nurse turned broadcaster. Riley hosts the popular syndicated radio show, The Power Hour. Dr. Nemeh’s response to the above question was so shocking and unique, it drew an immediate response from a New Jersey pastor.

We are sharing in this podcast Joyce Riley’s far-ranging interview with Dr. Issam Nemeh. The connection between God and science is explored fully. So fascinating was the discussion, Joyce did something she rarely does, kept Dr. Nemeh on the air for a second hour. The questions, from both Joyce Riley and listeners from all over the nation, created some great radio.

Radio Host Suffers Fourth Stage Cancer
Joyce Riley’s listeners have been praying for a miracle for Joyce. Cancer has been found throughout the body of this talented radio host. Dr. Nemeh offered some words of encouragement that we all need to hear and remember.

Other topics that bubbled up included…
-Misunderstandings of what Jesus taught.
-Studies about the effects of prayer.
-The importance of music that is inspired.
-How we can all have the same access to God and his miracle touch.
-Has Satan ever healed anyone?

Here is the link: The Power Hour with Joyce Riley. It’s a very informative show. Blind Faith Live recommends giving it a listen.

1 thought on “The Joyce Riley Interview

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Philip, this interview, podcast, is just marvelous. I am digesting it over and over again. Wish I could have heard the entire event.
    The public awareness that evolved was contagious for sure. This news host, Joyce Riley, so accurate in details understanding the balance of faith, sickness and healing. Dr. Nemeh’s explanations so open. His heart just 100% of what God’s love really means. The miracle of how this love works through Dr. Nemeh is such a holy example to the world, for Dr Nemeh says we all have the same opportunity to do as such. This spiritual level he speaks of seems unreachable. Dr Nemeh brings by his words, teachings and healing that bring a hope beyond belief. “Love is greater than faith” Dr Nemeh says. Only Dr. Nemeh can describe, from God’s point of view the pure explanation of this. Thank you Dr Nemeh, Thank you Joyce Riley. Philip we can’t do this without you!

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