The Man on a Soapbox


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Philip Keller remembers the first time he saw grungy, long-bearded men, standing on soapboxes in downtown San Francisco who shouted out, “repent, the end is near.” Now, the highly respected man of faith and medicine, Dr. Issam Nemeh, seems to be saying the same thing. But it is not the end of the world that is near, but the end of this evil age.

Dr. Nemeh puts the exclamation point on a story told by Philip Keller. Going to a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game is Philip’s entry to this episode’s Bible study. Chapter 12 of Revelation leads our discussion of the end of this evil age.

2 thoughts on “The Man on a Soapbox

  1. Thank you Philip. This is such a clear presentation. Our job here is to bring along as many souls to Christ as possible. Lord grant me patience, Your Divine patience. It’s hard to reconcile any kind of rapture with Friday’s comments about a future ‘Center’ she envisions. If we are raptured, how will we be building anything here? Will Kathy remain here with Dr Nemeh when others leave? Will the faithful leave in a rapture and return? God bless you and all involved in this ministry.

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