The Man Who Catches Miracles – BFL 98


GeorgeNo one has ‘caught’ more miracles at Dr. Nemeh healing services than George Sangrik. He, along with the other kindly ‘catchers’, have a front row seat to God’s incredible healings. They are the gentlemen who stand behind the person receiving a prayer. If the individual begins to fall back, (rest in the Spirit) the catcher’s responsibility is to gently lay the person down onto the floor. DespiteGeorge1 the ten years of volunteer service, George still has the wide-eyed awe of a young boy who can’t wait to tell us what he has just seen and experienced.

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
I’ve always wished that you could take Bible study class … Dr. Nemeh style. Bible stories come to life! What once was fuzzy, is now clear and understandable. Topics on the table today include the rapture, blood sacrifice, and a look ahead to how Dr. Nemeh will help us experience what he experiences during his prayers of healing.

Bonus: Why did two homilies get me so upset?

2 thoughts on “The Man Who Catches Miracles – BFL 98

  1. I’d like to hear Dr. Nemeh’s insight on the purpose and use of angels. Why were they created, is it wrong to reach out to them as intercessors….what’s their story? Same with saints….is it wrong for me to pray to St. Anthony when I need to find something I lost? Because I do, and when I do, I typically find what I lost.

    Thank you

    • Lauren,
      We have talked many times about angels and saints on these episodes.. Absolutely, we can ask them to intercede for us. Praying to angels and saints for their assistance is a beautiful way to showcase the body of Christ. We are all connected. St. Anthony never fails!
      God bless,

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