Am I the Missing Piece to the Family Puzzle? – BFL 170


BFL_Missing PieceAm I the Missing Piece?
We all desire a perfect family. Love, closeness, and harmony 24/7 is the ideal picture. Of course, the reality is always some level of dysfunction.
The most heartfelt healing at a recent Dr. Nemeh healing service was that which was felt by a family that was slowly splitting apart. The father, Ken, is fighting fourth-stage colon cancer. His wife, Cindy, and five of their six beautiful children attended in support of dad.Puzzle Piece
Every member of this precious family was touched by God in such a special way. The Holy Spirit began mending what years of misunderstanding had torn.
We all see elements of our own family in this story. Most importantly, we examine how each and every one of us has the power to put the puzzle of our family back together again. Here, also, is a reminder that we need to be praying for our family, and all families.

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3 thoughts on “Am I the Missing Piece to the Family Puzzle? – BFL 170

  1. Many blessings to you Phil, your family, Dr Nemeh and his family!
    Soon we (hot ones) will go home (Higher level of Realm) or as some say Rapture.

    Now I have a question. In coming Rapture will good, kind and loving people who never heard about Christ will they be taken too? Or this time just the HOT ones from the Christian church? Could you ask Philip this question to Dr Nemeh? Thank you

    • One needs to be hot. A believer. That could happen during the examination of conscience. It will be a personal choice

  2. Still listening! Such beautiful miracles happening around you! Hello from Marysville!

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