The Pleasure of Being Lukewarm


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Issam Nemeh

Lukewarm. It’s a bit like being ‘stuck’ on a department store escalator. We are certainly capable of moving to a higher level but hey, look at all the cool toys on this floor! Sometimes, it’s just easier to stay stuck to all the physical pleasures of this world…right alongside all of the other lukewarm folks. Could seeking a higher spiritual existence possibly be any better than this?

This episode shows how fascinating those higher levels really are. With just a little bit of knowledge and a dash of inspiration, we will be joining the un-stuck in a closer relationship with God.

1 thought on “The Pleasure of Being Lukewarm

  1. On July 24th 2016 I came to see doctor Neemeh and I was healed of a bad injury from a roller skating fall in which I broke both arms. A left displaced fracture elbow. Right ulna broken 10 places and the radial head was broke off and it never healed right when they put 2 pins in it. I had a replacement of the radial head and my hand was swollen and a bluish color now it’s has a warm pink color and I’ve improved on my pronation and supination of my wrist and my extension of my elbow. A warmth radiated from the elbow and the Dr said he could feel the heat and the changes. He could feel the pain coming from my hand. also I was healed of a rotator injury from lifting the heavy cast.
    Debbie Richardson

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