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the power of humilityThe Power of Humility
The power of humility can be extraordinary and supernatural. Dr. Issam Nemeh prays, things happen. Amazing things happen. On last month’s Blind Faith Live podcast, Sophia, a teenager, shocked a room full of doctors and nurses by immediately shedding her brain-dead status. Kaitlynn, just 65 lbs. at 24 years of age, was reversed from her congenital disease that was starving her. Sheila, a former nurse who was unable to use her left arm for 19 years, suddenly had her arm and shoulder remolded, giving her full range of motion. Real people. Real miracles.

The last thing that Dr. Nemeh wants to hear from the recipient of any miracle is, “Thank you.” In this episode, Dr. Nemeh gives us a new deep insight into humility. By leaving ego behind, our prayer life becomes incredibly more powerful.

Of one thing you can be sure. Healing miracles are still the sign. It was true in the days of the apostles and it is still true today. Miracles remain God’s best way of getting our attention. If the miracle is real, trust the wisdom that comes with it. This is why the insights of Dr. Issam Nemeh are so critical right now.

“Love is greater than all knowledge.”
Dr. Nemeh will explain the above sentence and the revelation that accompanied it during an encounter with Jesus.

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