The Pregnant Church – BFL 196


“The Church is pregnant, ready to deliver,” says Dr. Issam Nemeh, the physician of unshakable faith. Dr. Nemeh is talking about Revelation, Chapter 12. The woman (the church) giving birth to the baby (true believers) who are taken (raptured) to heaven. We discuss, again, the Our Lady of Guadalupe rosary that suddenly appeared in Dr. Nemeh’s pocket. Why did Dr. Nemeh give away the rosary, and to whom? Our Lady of Guadalupe is also Our Lady of Revelation. The pregnant virgin, cloaked by the sun, with the moon under her feet, ready to deliver the male child. The signs continue to tell us that we are near the end of this age. Jesus is coming for His church.

Issam Insights
We are on the brink of new medical science. Dr. Nemeh, for the first time, talks about how the pharmaceutical industry will be completely revamped in a way that sounds completely sci-fi. Also, should we be nervous about North Korea?

Keeping It Real with Kathy Nemeh
Only Kathy can work an airline ticket agent and get this kind of crazy outcome.

Miracle Momentthe pregnant church
Dana Beagle, wife of Judge Duncan Beagle, continues to bring people to Dr. Nemeh healing services. The miraculous results also continue. Duncan, a paraplegic for 26 years, is healing. Dana herself has also received a miracle. Surgeons wanted to operate on both of Dana’s shoulders because of torn rotator cuffs. One prayer from Dr. Nemeh and there is no longer any need for surgery.

5 thoughts on “The Pregnant Church – BFL 196

  1. All I can say is WOW! I only wish I could have joined your talk session, what a God given talk by Dr. Nemeh, Kathy and, of course, you, Philip. Dana was so excited when she shared the little rosary story. How special of Dr. Nemeh to give the rosary to her. She will cherish it forever.
    Both Bob and myself enjoy listening to your Podcasts. God loves you and so do we.

  2. I’m a little confused by Dr Nemeh’s answer to your question whether any solid Christians will be left on earth when Jesus comes to take his church. It sounded like he said teachers would be left behind to help, but wouldn’t solid Christians all choose to stay to help if they could?

    • George,
      It will be God’s choice as to who is taken and who is left behind. The doctor was confirming that there will be those (solid Christians) who are left behind in order to assist those who were not taken.

      • Great answer, thank you
        One more question Philip. I am hearing from many Christians about “Save-Heaven places” where the ones who almost qualified for Rapture but did not, and they will stay there and pray for whole world etc. What your take on this?

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