Red Dragon / Black Dragon – BFL 121 – Revised


DragonWhile Tom Hanks is defending a Russian spy in the real life story, Bridge of Spies, the modern-day Russians have vowed to protect the Christians in the Middle East. Are the bad guys now the good guys?
Dr. Issam Nemeh wonders, “Russia,¬†once known as the Red Dragon, have they¬†been replaced by the Black Dragon?” What is a Black Dragon?

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
“The deception will be scientific in nature.” Dr. Nemeh has repeatedly spoken those words regarding how certain factions of science will attempt to disprove God. The language of scientists in Sunday’s 60 Minutes demonstrates the deceptive nature.

Miracle MomentElizabeth_Michael Arendash
Elizabeth and Michael Arendash have had their own separate miracles. For Elizabeth, agonizing stenosis of the spine. For Michael, an aortic aneurysm that was pulsing so noticeably in his abdomen, he thought his heart had slipped down to his stomach. Following his visit with Dr. Nemeh, the throbbing had stopped and the aneurysm had shrunk.