The Signs are Everywhere


Signs are EverywhereKathy Kuack
We look for signs in our spiritual life, right? We are told that the signs are everywhere. Here is a new twist. There is a sign in this story, too, a ‘knife, fork, and plate’ highway sign, that said the next exit had restaurants. Kathy Kuack tells the hysterical story of trying to find a bathroom, a port-a-potty, or just about anywhere that would end her distress. She was not expecting to find a machine gun along the journey.

Joy to the WorldJoy Gobec
Joy Gobec asked for a sign. She prayed to Sr. Monica Marie Navin. The nun was a miracle worker. For years, prior to her death in 2011, she held healing services in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as praying alongside Dr. Issam Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh at the Nemeh’s healing services. Navin’s miracle stories are legendary.

Joy needed an intervention on a health issue. Doctors had been stymied over why Joy’s body had been vibrating. Virtually every system from head to toe had been vibrating. The heart had been pounding and racing, plus there had been pain shooting down her back. In Joy’s prayer to Sr. Monica Marie, after months of no clear-cut solutions, she asked for help. She heard her prayer answered. ‘Go see Dr. Issam Nemeh at a healing service.’ Not only did the vibration and accompanying issues stop, both Joy and Dr. Nemeh felt the spiritual presence of Sr. Monica Marie. A non-vibrating Joy Gobec is in our Miracle Moment.

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  1. OH my gosh???? that port-a-potty story was the best!!!! And Philip, your musical addition “Do you see what I see”, was HILARIOUS!!!

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