“I Took a Hit Upside the Head by the Holy Spirit” – BFL 167


The Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit Hit Me
John Weeden, seated in a Dr. Nemeh healing service, was merely asking God to show himself. Life has not been the same since. Here is the amazing transformation of a lukewarm Christian into a devout Deacon in John’s Weedenchurch.┬áBeing open to the Holy Spirit can be a life changer.

Issam Insights
Do non-Christians go to heaven?
Can the racial unrest be cooled in America?

The Talk – “Broadcasting to Podcasting”
Philip Keller reveals the 3 Truths that ignited his enthusiastic return to his faith. St. Mark Catholic Church in Cleveland Ohio was the venue for this talk.

4 thoughts on ““I Took a Hit Upside the Head by the Holy Spirit” – BFL 167

  1. Thank you Phil for an absolutely fabulous podcast. I have listened three Times and will go back again and take notes. It was the best!

  2. Thank you Philip! Great talk!!!! I’m glad that my husband and I got to hear your story in person! Very moving and inspiring. Love your sense of humor and your jokes, too!

  3. Thank you Philip for a wonderful spirit filled talk and sharing your gift for conveying it so well.

    Blessings, Harold

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