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Un-Conventional PrayerWith the Republicans and the Democrats doing their thing over the next couple of weeks, let’s take a look at our role. We Christians are a different sort. We are to love our enemies. Yes, our political enemies, too. Of course, this means we pray for our political enemies as well. Here in Cleveland, we are also feeling the pressure placed upon law enforcement. We need to be praying for our police officers, as well as those they may encounter. Let’s face it, everybody needs our prayers. True Christians are called to keep their cool, and pray for all.

Kathy Nemeh shares her interesting drive into the heart of Cleveland convention security while Dr. Issam Nemeh points out the multitude of differences that we Christians have with the rest of the world.

Miracle MomentBarksdale
Stephanie Barksdale was told that there was no hope in curing her leukemia and vocal chord cancer. Doctors are still scratching their head over Stephanie’s complete recovery following the miracle prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh at a Michigan healing service. And, although Stephanie is still legally blind, things are looking more clear today.

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  1. Stephanie I was there to hear your story and it was fascinating. Well done and thanks for sharing! Philip Keller I am still laughing about you being late because you drove! Pray for our world people, even our enemies! As always, great show.

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