“A Voice Woke Me at 3 AM.” – BFL 176


3AM clockThe Spiritual World Most Don’t Know Exists
Here are the experiences of Dr. Issam Nemeh and Sheila Bosch, the focus of our Miracle Moment. Here is a world of angelic help, bi-location and supernatural Jesus events.

For Sheila Bosch it began with a voice at 3 AM. “Wake-up.” Her cell phone ‘blip’ was the next indicator that nothing about this night was going to be normal. This is a spiritual world that most people don’t know exists. This is heaven and earth colliding. Is there something that we can do individually, to create more of these God experiences in our lives?

Miracle Momentspiritual world
Sheila Bosch watched D.r Issam Nemeh on the Dr. Oz show five years ago. She liked what she saw. She wondered if she would ever see Dr. Nemeh in person. Sheila certainly needed a miracle. A horse fell on her in 1997. The result was a left arm that no longer worked. Sheila’s lungs were damaged by an accident with poison. This, on top of her asthma, made normal breathing impossible. Speaking of impossible, how does one prayer from Dr. Issam Nemeh reverse everything?

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4 thoughts on ““A Voice Woke Me at 3 AM.” – BFL 176

  1. Hi Philip,

    This all makes sense! The three o’clock hour of waking, the directions given and received, and the quiet time to pray.
    I was so blessed to be in California to see and meet this lady who had the accident with the horse and got a big, huge miracle. She and her husband were remarkable!
    Glad she listened to the voice and the directions to come to the healing service, and then spoke about to you.
    It is a big inspiration and confirmation.
    Thank you,

  2. I would love to be involved in a post episode get together! I usually have more questions and have oftened wished I could connect to others listening. Facebook live or google hangouts is ok. I do have one suggestion, if possible please don’t choose a meeting time within work hours 8-6.?
    Thanks so much for the podcast. It’s life changing.
    Lorries Friedrich

  3. These podcasts are wonderful. “Truthful love” such a statement of faith. How sincere and positive it becomes while listening to Dr. Nemeh.
    I have awakened many times at 3:00am. I assumed the Lord wishes me to pray, for those I have forgotten to do so. Or for those I don’t know at all. I never knew 3:00am is a time of divine mercy. Makes sense.
    What a blessing! What a blessing of God’s love. Sheila thank you for your faith.
    I praise God for you.I hear in your voice the wonders of great miracles!
    Thank you Dr. Nemeh and Philip.
    The story Kathy told of Mary Ann and her healing is just amazing. Kathy, thank you so very much. Your spoken words are exact, assuring and music to my ears. My daughter has these headaches, as well as rebound. I cannot wait to have her listen to this. Bless you, Markay

  4. No questions this time, you’ll be glad to know, Philip! Just want to say what an amazing podcast yet again. I just forwarded it to my sister in Australia who suffered TB in her youth. Part of one of her lungs was removed then and her lung capacity is diminished now, suffers badly with allergies. She Is in her 70s. Long story… but am praying for her. Praying that hearing the podcast will reconnect her to Jesus Christ. God bless you and Beth,and Doctor and Kathy. God shows up amazing in this podcast….so many nuggets!

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