We Win the Big Game, Right? – BFL 184


Bulletin … We win.
Maybe we need to remind ourselves of this. We have a game going on and it’s almost over. The good vs evil struggle is now in the latter stages. The song that bubbled up in Philip Keller’s head this week reminds us that the good guys win. It’s almost like Jesus himself is singing to us. Here are the lyrics to We are the Champions...

I paid my dues.
I’ve done my sentence.
I’ve committed no crime.
(Sure sounds a lot like Jesus).

I’ve had sand kicked in my face.
But I have come through.
But I just need to go on and on and on.

We are the champions
and we will just keep fighting till the end.
No time for losers
Because we are the champions of the world.

I consider it a challenge before the whole human race,
And I ain’t gonna lose.

Thanks Jesus. Okay, we are the champions of the world. It’s done. But we still have to show up and play the game. The game is actually fixed! We are slowly but surely defeating the ruler of this world, Satan and the fallen angels. We just need to keep playing the game and we win.

Dr. Issam Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh help us leap forward a bit and see what victory looks like. Mostly serious, sometimes funny and always insightful, the Nemeh’s continue to inspire us all.

Miracle Moment
Stiff Person Syndrome. Joe McKeon is one in a million, literally. Those are the odds of developing this potentially fatal disease. The disorder attacked his autoimmune and neurological systems. Every muscle in his body was affected. With Stiff Person Syndrome, muscles can contract to the degree that they will crush bones. Joe was affected in his ability to walk, talk, smell, see, breathe, and even in being able to remain conscious. Joe was praying for death… or a miracle. Fortunately, family directed Joe to Dr. Issam Nemeh. As great as the physical healing has been, Joe will tell you that it is the spiritual healing that is most impressive.

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