What Does God Want? Come as You Are!


what does God want

Miracle Moment

Don’t you just love it when a friend says come as you are in a spontaneous invitation.
God doesn’t care where you are in your faith right now. He doesn’t care at what level you are able to love and forgive. You will not be denied. You will not be turned away. Complete, unconditional love is always there. When we take just the tiniest of steps towards Him, he grabs us into his arms. He will do the rest.

Miracle Moment

Janet Peera suffered with spinal stenosis following a car Janet Peeraaccident in the year 2000. The resulting pinching off of the nerves caused pain and numbness throughout her body. Janet was in such pain at a recent healing service that she was unable to stay seated in her chair. Listen to her amazement and relief as she left the healing service with all the pain removed.