What Goes Around …


What Goes Around …What Goes Around

Kathy Nemeh tells the story of a gentleman who for many many years made derogatory remarks about Dr. Nemeh. And then one day, guess who the gentleman turned to as his last hope? Indeed, what goes around comes around. This story is not to be missed!

Instant Karma

The song that bubbled up this week for Philip Keller was “Instant Karma.” “We all shine on, like the moon, the stars, and the sun.” John Lennon’s “Instant Karma” made the podcast! Karma? What goes around, comes around. It’s very appropriate in this week’s episode.

We All Shine On

Dr. Issam Nemeh has often spoken about how brightly we shine for Christ. We all shine with a different wattage. When we truly put God first, and love others as Christ loves us, we create quite a glare! When we are on board for our role in redemption, we shine even brighter.

Miracle MomentDiane Dulzer

Diane Dulzer packs a one-two punch by discussing both her miracle as well as her husband’s healing. Heart issues and bladder cancer are no longer a part of daily life for the Dulzers.

Shine on!