What is Surrendering to God?


Surrendering to Godsurrendering to God

What is surrender? I equate it with being a marionette and the puppetmaster (God) is pulling the strings. Only, we are not a normal puppet. We can fight where the puppet master wants to take us. Surrendering to God is being still. Goinglimp if you will. Surrendering to God is allowing our spiritual side to run our physical being. It’s in thestillness that we find our connection to God. This is where we feel the direction of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

No Time for God

There can’t be surrender if we don’t give God his due time. This was the week that a song by the Guess Who bubbled up in my head. It’s called ‘No Time’. It reflects those times when we turn our back on God. When we give Him… No time. The lyrics repeat phrases such as ‘I got no time for you. Distant roads are calling me. I have no time for the love you send. Seasons change and so did I. You need not wonder why. I got no time for you.’ Harsh words. We have to ask ourselves, how often during each day are we giving God no time.

Miracle Moment

We revisit the miracle story of Deb Zimmerman. This time, through the eyes of her husband, Ted. When Deb Zimmerman was sent home to die because cancer was shutting down her body, two things happened: 1) Christ appeared to Deb. 2) A miracle through the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh brought Deb Zimmerman back from the brink.

Link to original Miracle Moment story

3 thoughts on “What is Surrendering to God?

  1. All week I’ve been receiving references of the Blessed Mother. I was on retreat and my roommate spoke of her daughter whose name was (Rose) and she told me that every woman in her family, including her mother-in-law has the middle name Elizabeth. (Mary’s cousin) later another friend at the retreat told me she had brought a skin cream she didn’t like the scent of. I smelled it: (Rose). The tea beads at the retreat were rose petal. A woman performed at a talent show that evening at the retreat. She did a “MARIONette act. (how often does that happen these days?) During the relaxation part of the yoga class there one morning, the instructor repeatedly says let go, let go, let go, let go. Today we walk into a restaurant and the band is playing Lady Madonna, by the Beatles. A few songs later, after a raft of David Bowie songs(rest in peace), they play Let it Be. And Finally, ROSAlita by Bruce Springsteen. (he wears the miraculous medal by the way…) And now, this post. Again, the MARIONette, and the theme of Let God take over, Allow him to take over. Let go already. Mary wants us to let go, stop resisting and trust.

    • Beautiful. As St Paul reminds us, it takes a spiritual person to recognize spiritual things. You are connected.


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