Why Are We Here?


Why Are We Here?Why Are We Here

Issam’s Insight:  Without the rebellion of the fallen angels, our very existence might be in question. But they did fall. Sin did enter the world. Jesus did come to reconcile what Lucifer had corrupted. God determined that by picking up our own individual crosses and following his Son, we would play an integral part in redemption. We would play our necessary role, with Jesus, in neutralizing all evil. We were given the answer to the oft asked question, ‘why are we here.’ St. Paul said it best, “I complete with my body what was lacking in the cross.”

Mystery of Ages Revealed

St. Paul also wrote that the mystery of the ages was now revealed. God had kept a secret for literally billions of years. Seriously. Billions.

At the moment Christ died, the mystery was revealed. The Angels were the first to realize who Jesus actually is … God made man! God is a Trinity. This was a shocker. The good Angels were discovering that Christ had started the process of bringing perfection back to all creation. The fallen angels quickly understood that their evil influence on this world had just taken a major hit. All those who followed Christ also did their part in neutralizing the evil. The fallen angels could feel it.

Race to the End Times

The race is on. Who will win? Will the church survive by muting evil, or will evil destroy the church with confusion over God’s very existence. The Bible gives us our answer. Lucifer knows that his time is short. Listen, as Dr. Issam Nemeh connects the dots in this episode.

We look back in history to the precise moment that there must have been an audible gasp from all the Angels… Good and bad. How could God have kept this a secret from the Angels for billions of years? This is the moment that shifted Lucifer’s priorities. This is the moment that we, here on earth, were told what our purpose in life would be. Discovering the meaning of this moment I compare to playing the game Charades. You put all the clues together, until suddenly, the answer blasts its way into your mind. Ah-ha! It’s shocking, and gratifying, to realize how important each and every one of our lives is.

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