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BFL_WOWI have been living on Advil and pain cream for the past few weeks. It was my turn to be in the treatment room of Dr. Issam Nemeh. A reoccurrence of sciatica. Nerve damage had created shooting pain down my right leg. Within an hour, 95% of the pain was gone. I didn’t miss the WOW of God. I kept my digital recorder running during the treatment in order to capture Issam’s Insights on a number of topics … including the NBC Nightly News two-part series on the healing power of prayer. Numerous studies of late are repeatedly showing the health benefits of daily prayer. The WOW of God is there for all who are willing to see it.
(Segment begins at 10 minutes)

Unbroken is one of my all-time favorite WOW stories. The book, written by Laura Hillenbrand, has been turned into a movie directed by Angelina Jolie and written by the Coen brothers. They do a solid job in telling much of the life story of Louis Zamperini who survived torturous treatment in a Japanese prisoner of war camp during World War II. I will provide the missing WOW of God that isn’t covered in the movie … Louis’ life was completely transformed by attending a Billy Graham tent revival and remembering a promise he had made to God.

Miracle Moment – Carol Schoherr, Carol, Cathy, LindaCathy McPhail, and Linda Campbell all felt the WOW while attending a recent Dr. Nemeh healing service. Issues of the esophagus, legs, and rheumatoid arthritis were all relieved.
(Segment begins at 25 minutes)

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  1. You and Elizabeth make a wonderful team. Thanks for all you do with Blind Faith Live. I knew the day you left radio, God had plans for you!!! So blessed to have you both along with Dr. Issam Nemeh and Kathy. What a blessing to be part of this history and spreading the word of Miracles Everyday happening. God Bless you both and I pray to St. Lucy for your eyes along with Dan’s. Love to all.

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