You Had Me at Bacon – BFL 191


you had me at baconGod is showing his sense of humor in this podcast episode. Between Kathy Nemeh ‘keeping it real,’ and our Miracle Moment, we are serving up extra helpings of tasty bacon.

Miracle Moment
Through the most unlikely series of events, Dana Vincent and her husband, Kane, found themselves sitting in a Dr. Nemeh healing service. Prior to the service, Dana’s chronic back pain had exploded. She had difficulty  walking or even getting any sleep. One prayer from Dr. Issam Nemeh and life was good again!

We also visit with some recent and long-ago Miracle Moments in our Blind Faith Live podcasts and get updates. Jim Fortner, Diane Injic and her sister, Kristina, show us how God uses the many different kinds of relationships in our life, to bring us closer to Him. We also listen to a radio broadcast that tearfully brought tens of thousands into more intimacy with God.

And, a last minute addition, following the receipt of an email from a mother and daughter that we met at the healing service as well.

Issam Insights
“The 12 apostles changed the world,” Dr. Issam Nemeh reminds us. The first twelve Christians on earth changed the course of history. There are a lot more of us now. What could we do if we put our minds together.

We live in an urgent time. So much so, that believers and nonbelievers are experiencing the miraculous healings. God is attempting to get our attention. The world is receiving a huge wake-up call. The collisions between heaven and earth are multiplying. It’s all a sign that God is preparing us for the second coming of Christ.

2 thoughts on “You Had Me at Bacon – BFL 191

  1. Dear Philip,
    You report on so many healings happening at Cleveland (cancer, blindness, etc..). Does doctor Nemeh helps with mental illnesses too???
    We are dealing with new onset in my child’s mental status change together with physical changes in her body …
    Our lives stopped …
    The trust in God’s mercy is the only thing helping …
    The pain of watching my daughter with such a drastic changes in her personality is beyond words to describe .,..
    She and my husband are coming this coming Sunday to Cleveland …

    I am praying for miracle … with every single cell in my body …

    • God bless you and your family, Dorothy. Yes, Dr. Nemeh can help with mental illness. Just to be sure, we’ll add your intentions to the prayer basket, but I’m sure that Dr. Nemeh will give individual attention to your daughter and husband and address her issues.

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