You’re All That I Need to Get By – BFL 51


Try this … sit on a dining room chair, raise your feet so that your legs are straight out and parallel to the floor.

Is this normal?

Is this normal?

Now, hold them there for one hour and twenty minutes.

I think that the Holy Spirit broke a record on this one. Although I have seen many patients receive a similar healing, an hour and 20 minutes might have broken the record.

Miracle Moment – This anti-gravitational Miracle Moment belonged to Lori Brezec. Mike & Lori BrezecShe had been dealing with the pain of fibromyalgia in her legs for more than ten years. Add to that, neuropathy for the past four years, and you can see how Lori was overdue for a miracle. She got it. Plus, the Holy Spirit proved he has a greater gravitational pull than the Earth!

Issam’s Insight – Stressing the need for our prayers to have fewer words and more feeling, Dr. Nemeh is showing us, once again, the best way to connect to God. We are adding lanes to our highway connection to heaven!

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