You’re Nothin’ But a Dreamer – BFL 54


Do you know the story of Amy Purdy?

Amy Purdy TED Talk

Amy Purdy TED Talk

At the age of nineteen, her dreams were crushed when she lost her legs. How would she ever be able to snowboard again?
Amy just won back to back World Cup Snowboarding Championships! Plus, she finished 2nd in this season’s Dancing with the Stars! She has come to find that the tragedy was a blessing. Truly inspiring!


Miracle Moment – YMarshon & Irv Ericksonet another reversal of a terminal condition. Irv Erickson had a year and a half to live … four years ago. Irv and his wife, Marshon, are watching a daily miracle.
(Segment begins at 23 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – Who’s got it right…the Catholics or the Protestants? Who’s more inspired? Why are we fighting each other?
(Segment begins at 31 minutes)

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